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If you believe, you CREATE!

- Rodrigo Diaz Mercado

Creating Magic in Your Life


You and I were never taught emotional intelligence, let alone, spiritual intelligence. Perhaps  you were never taught the correct tools to live the Life of Your Dreams, what to do when life doesn't go the way you want nor how to change it from the inside out.


Come and learn the essential tools to create Love, Happiness, Peace, Abundance and Prosperity, through advanced emotional and spiritual intelligence. In a very simple-to-digest experience, Rodrigo shares how your INNER world creates everything you experience in your OUTSIDE world.


This course is based on the book "Sleight of Mind – How to Create & Experience Magic in Your Life. This course will give you a personal M.A.P. (a Miracle Attraction Map), a unique guide to achieve the Life of your Dreams, and live a life full of Abundance. You will transform your life as if by magic and you will create Miracles every day.

This Course has:

5 Modules

Where you will learn...

  • How to create Magic in your life?

  • What has been stopping you from creating
    the life you desire?

  • You will know the REAL answer to the question: "Who am I?"

  • You will discover your True Power (The REAL you)

  • You will create a personal MAP for your Dream Life 

  • And you will create the Habit & Practice of Self-love, Happiness, Peace & Joy!

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Creating Magic in Your Life


- Liz P.

With this course, I was able to have so many "AH HA" moments. I have been able to see all the miracles that surround me every day, giving me renewed joy that I could not have imagined. I have been able to discover, with childlike wonder, what refreshes and feeds MY spirit. I recommend this Course to everyone!

I had the pleasure of taking Rodrigo's course. This course was a life changing experience - it changed my perspective on the search for inner peace, love, happiness, and purpose. Rodrigo's knowledge, charm, and effortless way of explaining each concept, along with his ability to listen, understand, and provide solutions and direction to each student, was refreshing and inspiring. I would definitely encourage anyone interested in deeper self-reflection to take Rodrigo's course. It was JUST AWESOME !!

- Georgia D.

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A few years ago when I encountered feelings of loneliness, anxiety and stress. I didn't know where to start changing my life. I wanted to generate a new future, create a new history, but I didn't know how. I felt stuck, I was depressed, and I was angry. I thought that life was repetitive and that it made no sense. I was frustrated with the illusion that success takes a lot of effort.


It was here where this adventured started. I began to study, practice and master certain techniques to return to my natural state of Love, Peace, Happiness and Abundance.


This is why today I dedicate my life to help with you transform your life. In a clear and simple way, I am teaching the knowledge, exercises and practices from the fields of Neuroscience, Spirituality and Quantum Physics that can change your life and create REAL change, REAL magic– Miracles!

Creating Magic in Your Life



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If you are looking for:

  • How to find your way to Peace, Abundance and Happiness

  • Recover the desire to get excited about life

  • Learn the Laws of the Universe

  • How to create and manifest what you want - The Life of Your Dreams

  • Understand your purpose in life

  • How to get out of a state where you feel stuck

This Course is for YOU!