I've realized the powerful and incredible energy I have to create anything I desire. I've found self-love, and I've experienced very important changes in myself and this for me is REAL Magic, it is light, it is divinity. Thank you Rodrigo

- Guadalupe Navarro

There's an invisible part of you which has all the answers, the REAL You. In this book Rodrigo invites you to remember who you really are. You are not your name, nationality, gender, age nor job title. You are so much more...


Connect with the part of you that knows that you came into this world to experience and share all the blessings and abundance this Universe has for you. Do not let the illusions of the outside world blind you from living your true birthright – Abundance, Love, Happiness, Peace & Prosperity.

Remember who you are, how to connect to Well-Being, and live your best life possible!



Reclaiming the Essence of
Who You Really Are


How to Create & Experience Magic in Your Life


You were placed in this world to experience love, happiness, peace, and joy. You have the innate ability to use your thoughts and feelings to create and experience miracles in your life–that is Sleight of Mind.


This book was written to help you reconnect with your childlike wonder and to help you understand that you already have everything you need to transform your life into the life of your dreams. It is meant to help you understand that there is more to you and how to break with the illusion that "life is hard". Become the powerful version of you that you’re meant to be.


Whether you already know how to create magic in your life, or you want to know where to start, this book is for you!


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  • The 3 stages of a personal transformation

  • How to shift your Mindset to transform your life. 

  • What has been stopping you from getting what you desire. 

  • The 5-Steps to Creating a New Personal Reality

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With this material, I’ve been able to start seeing the miracles in my own life and working to break the bad habits of a lifetime. I’m learning to say Yes to myself and determine what I truly want out of my life. Thank you Rodrigo!

- Karen Boyd

His message is deep, meaningful, impactful and will change your life. It opened my eyes to the possibilities that were just at the tip of my fingers, seemingly out of reach, until I found Rodrigo. 100% recommend.

- Erica E.