Create the Habits of Success & Happiness

Learning how to use your Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit is something we were never taught how to do. It is my passion to help you with the tools and practices that lead to your best possible life. In these courses, you will unlock your unlimited potential to achieve Abundance, Happiness, Peace, Joy, and a Life full of Purpose; all through spiritual, neuroscientific mindful practices.

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Transformation from the inside out

The only true change that can last is the one you do from the inside out.  Understand how to change your reality by becoming a NEW Self

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Easy-to-understand transcendental tools

Develop advanced mental, emotional & spiritual intelligence. Deep concepts that will transform your life.

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Master your Mind. 

Master your Life.

Making the unconscious, conscious, is the start of your transformation. Learn how to use the most powerful tool you have in this Universe – Your MIND.


Creating a New Personal Reality

In this Course, you will find the tools you need to develop a healthy mind so you can create an advanced mental and emotional health; all through mindful, interactive neuroscientific principles and practices.


You will learn the 5-Step Process to creating a New Personal Reality so you can break the habits that are not serving you , in order to create the habit of a joyful, purposefully-driven, abundant life.

Creating Magic in Your Life

You were placed in this world to experience love, happiness, peace, and joy. You have the innate ability to use your thoughts and feelings to create and experience Magic – Miracles – in your life. 

In this Course you will explore, recall and practice how to use the energy of creation to manifest the Life of Your Dreams. This Course is based on principles and concepts from the fields of Spirituality, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics – REAL Magic!



The Magic Spark

If you truly remembered who you REALLY are, you would understand that Abundance is your birthright.


In this course you will deepen your understanding of what Abundance is, the Laws of Abundance, and how to apply them into your life to find Inner Peace & Abundance.


You will also learn about the 2-Powerful energies that rule this Universe, Levels of Consciousness and a transcendental technique on "how to let go".

This is advanced Spiritual Intelligence Course which will answer a lot of the deeper questions you might be looking for: "Who Am I?",  "What do I want?" and Why Am I Here?"

Dive into your Magic Spark and Reclaim the Essence of Who YOU Really Are!

The 4-Dimensions of Health



This Course empowers and guides you on how to live a healthy life building "the blocks" from the inside-out. This course is designed to enhance the awareness of what constitutes a Healthy Life with tools, principles and practices to enhance each of the areas that constitute The 4-Dimensions of Health. It shines light to the mindful steps you can take NOW, to start living a happier, more fulfilling, more joyful, healthier life

With this course, I was able to have so many "AH HA" moments. I have been able to see all the miracles that surround me every day, giving me renewed joy that I could not have imagined. I have been able to discover, with childlike wonder, what refreshes and feeds MY spirit. I recommend this Course to everyone!

- Liz Pilles

I had the pleasure of taking Rodrigo's course. This course was a life changing experience - it changed my perspective on the search for inner peace, love, happiness, and purpose. Rodrigo's knowledge, charm, and effortless way of explaining each concept, along with his ability to listen, understand, and provide solutions and direction to each student, was refreshing and inspiring. I would definitely encourage anyone interested in deeper self-reflection to take Rodrigo's course. It was JUST AWESOME !!

- Georgia D.

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