From Invisible to Visible

This Universe is ruled by Abundance Laws (Universal Laws) that operate just like gravity does, they are there whether you are aware of them or not, whether you like it or not. In the upcoming weeks I will be sharing some of them (so stay put!). I want to share them with you because understanding and applying them completely transformed my life into a life full of peace, abundance and joy – and I genuinely want the same for you!

Today I want to focus on the one Law which all creation stands from: The Law of Creation.

The Law of Creation says that:

“Everything in the Physical Universe (the visible, the outside of you) was created in the Non-Physical Universe (the invisible, the inside of you).”

But what is the Non-Physical, the invisible?

Most people (and you might fall in one of these three categories) tend to ignore this Law because they:

  1. don’t understand it,

  2. don’t think is that important, or

  3. they don't believe in it (but remember, it doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, just like gravity it will still affect you).

But here's how you can start thinking about this law; simply answer this question:

Q:Can you see a thought? Can you touch a feeling?

A: NO YOU CANNOT, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist! (Did that help you a little bit more :) )

It is very important to understand that everything in your life starts with just a thought, yes including the things you don’t like! Even sickness, success, money, a job, health, poverty, anger, sadness, anxiety, peace, etc. All the things that exist in this Universe are simply thoughts that you believe in.

In one of my workshops I share with my students what I call “The Mechanics of Creation”. This is a simple (yet deep) formula of how YOUR WORLD works, and if you can take the time to study and understand it (or you can come to one of my workshop ;P) you will have the most powerful tool to create the life that you want.

The Mechanics of Creation:

Though > Feeling > Belief > Action > Result >> (Back to the beginning) Thoughts > Feeling…

First you have a thought, it then turns into a feeling, then it becomes a belief (a thought combined with w feeling of confidence is a belief), you will then act based on what you believe (for example you might believe that in order to be successful you must work really hard – yes this is only a believe), and that action will create a result. After you have a result, you will create more thoughts (based on that result), that will create more feelings, that will generate more beliefs and so on… All based on the one thought you chose to repeat over and over again.

The key to understanding this formula is that, this formula will create your reality based on the thoughts that you keep repeating over and over and over again. The important part here is to be a careful vigilante of which thoughts you decide to put in the beginning of the formula.

Are you placing thoughts of anger, anxiety, stressed (e.g. the pandemic, the elections, the news, what you don’t like, life is unfair, etc.)? Or are you choosing to place thoughts that will create the life of your dreams (abundance, peace, blessed memories, gratitude lists, things that make you smile, good food, exercise, opportunity, goals, dreams, etc.)?

This is exactly how something starts in the Invisible world (a thought) and ends up in the Visible World (your outer environment). If you are able to process that everything starts as a thought, then you will never look on the outside the change any circumstance or "negative" situation, as you are now beginning to understand that you must go back to the invisible world, to create a new thought, which will lead to a new feeling, which will lead to a new belief...etc.!

You have the power. Don’t use your thoughts and feelings to destroy (your life), use them to create the life of your dreams.

It all starts with a thought (the invisible), and that is REAL MAGIC.

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