Gratitude 3.0

Gratitude is a topic that tends to be overrated because it is not understood. If you truly understood the power of gratitude you would spend every second of your life in the awareness of feeling gratitude. This is why today, I am writing about it!

Gratitude alone can change your life. And I hope that within the following paragraphs I can help you see a new meaning to what this word means.

The thing about gratitude is that it has the “illusion” to be rooted in the Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Cause and Effect says that for every effect there needs to be a cause. This means that in order for you to be grateful you think that there needs to be something or someone that is the cause for you to be grateful. The understanding of this Law has blinded people to not be happy right here and right now, as they are waiting for something on the outside (a cause) to come, change their inside and fill it up with gratitude (the effect).

I am asking you to take the idea that gratitude is rooted in the Law of Cause and Effect and flip this law on its head. I am asking you to do it backwards and change it to the Law of Effect and Cause. Stay with me on this one…

I am asking you to right here and right now feel the effect–gratitude; and let the cause appear on its own. I am asking you to be grateful for something that hasn’t happened in the Physical World. Can you teach your body to be grateful for something that hasn’t happened yet? If you do, as if by magic, the thing you are grateful for will appear in time; it has to! Gratitude is to be grateful for what you have, so when the Universe senses that you are grateful for something and the Universe sees that this something, is not “present” in your life, the Universe will create the physical experience in your life–because you are already behaving in gratitude as if you already had it! This is Real Magic!

I couldn’t tell you how fast or slow things will appear in your life, but I can assure you that they will, if you stay in gratitude.

You and I have been conditioned to behave through the Law of Cause and Effect, “I must get something so I can be happy after.” And I am asking you to take this mathematical equation and flip it around (yes in Math you can flip things and it works: 1+1=2 … 2=1+1.

The whole gratitude principle alone can transform your life TODAY. When you teach your body to feel gratitude for something that is not present in this Physical World, what you are doing is that you are pulling what you are grateful for from the Spiritual World into the Physical one. The Universe will work with you to change everything around you to give you the experience that you are grateful for.

“Gratitude is the rent we pay for the

simple fact that we are alive in this Planet”

- Anonymous

I do want to leave you with one more perspective about Gratitude that can help you wherever you find yourself in your path…

Please be grateful for the “simplest” things in life. If you could really pay attention to it, what we call “simple” is the most miraculous thing ever. Your heart beating, your lungs breathing, your cells dying regenerating everyday, the Sun, the sky, Earth… Like how the heck does it all work without you and I doing NOTHING!.. When you are able to understand that the “simple” is the most miraculous, that is when Real Magic starts to happen in your life.


Lastly here is a practice you can take with you every night of your life that I hope will start changing your life.

The three levels of gratitude–

Every single night please practice these three:

Gratitude 1.0:

“I am grateful for what happened to me…"

(specially the “negative”, you can be grateful for the lessons of what happened)

Gratitude 2.0: “I am grateful for what I have not experienced, but I know I will…

(This is where you can start using your imagination and visualization to pull what you want from the Spiritual World into this Physical one)

Gratitude 3.0:

“I am grateful for what I have not experienced, and that I don’t know or cannot see that I will…

(This is where you are open to experience the Unknown. This is where you are walking in faith, trusting that the Universe has your back, and that life is a perfect symphony that you are part of and that everything you are experiencing is perfect)

I am grateful that you are reading these words, I hope to see you soon.

“Gratitude should be as normal as breathing”

- Rodrigo Diaz Mercado

There are answers out there, or should I say “in-there”. I will continue to share tools and concepts you can put into practice so you can create that change in your life. It is my purpose to help others find their way.

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