Is Magic real?

As a little boy, I used to love magic (and I still do!). I love magic because whenever I see a good magic trick it feels like the impossible becomes possible; even if it’s just for a few seconds.

In my early twenties I began to practice magic (magic tricks). I became really good at Sleight of Hand, which is the ability a magician gas to manipulate small objects to give you the illusion of magic. I started to perform tricks for friends and family, and even a few paid gigs.

After a little while I started to study the psychology of magic, which I fell in love with. How is it that I can manipulate the environment to give you the feeling of the impossible? I realized that magic doesn't happen in my hands. Magic actually happens in your head. You are the one experiencing it, because I know how the trick is done. It is only you that has that experience.

I started really wanting to experience magic in my own life. I kept telling myself “there must be a way to experience REAL magic in my life. There must be a secret formula to create miracles in my life – real magic!”.. And there is…

In order for me to experience REAL magic I needed to understand and study how the Universe works, how energy works, and how it is that we can use our minds to create experiences. I realized that the only reason I wasn't creating miracles in my life, was because I didn't know how to…

What I am about to say might be happening to you, and you might have to read this a couple of times… One of the most simple, yet one of the most complicated things I had to realize, was that I wanted to experience miracles in my life, BUT, I wasn’t open to them. I used to had a mentality that “Life is Hard”, “Good things take a lot of effort”, “That I lived in a world that is mean”... I am challenging you to stop for one second and analyze what you believe is possible and what you believe is not. Do you believe things can be easy? Do you believe miracles can happen to you? Because in order to experience magic you must realize that whatever you believe in you will manifest. My good friend James MacNeil has a phrase:

“Those who believe in Miracles experience more of them.”

Magic exists, it is called Faith, Love, and Trust. I do not have enough space in this article to explain to you how magic works, but I can start by sharing with you the following thoughts:

  1. There is an invisible world where everything comes from.

  2. This invisible world is filled up with thoughts, feelings, intentions, imagination, intuition, etc. it is called the Spirit World, and it is made up of energy (scientifically proven).

  3. If you are able to spend most of your time in the invisible world using your focus and attention (invisible things) and have thoughts and feelings (more invisible things) that make you feel like you already have that which you desire to be, you will create the consciousness of having it already.

  4. You will only then manifest that which you desire into this physical world. You will pull that which you desire from the invisible to the visible, from thought to thing.

I call this Real Magic because it looks like magic.

Are you open to the possibility that if you are not experiencing magic (miracles) in your life, is only because you (just like I did in my past) might not be looking at the right recipe, the right belief system, the TRUTH?

I am dedicating my life to helping you (and me) live our best lives possible. I am passing on the lessons that I wished someone would have told me when I was a little boy like: how to have advanced emotional intelligence, how to create a new self, what is spirituality, what is meditation, what is prayer, how does energy work, what is abundance, what are the laws of this Universe, etc.

The things that are worth talking about for you to create the life of your Dreams!

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