Stop Living in Your Past...

You might not be aware of this… but there is a 99.99% percent that you are living in your past.

One of the main reasons (if not the main one) you haven’t been able to create a new life, a new opportunity, your happiness, your health, wealth, etc., it’s because you are living today, based on your past. You are identifying yourself with a memory of the past, something that happened “yesterday”, and this is what you create today; you create a “today” based on a “yesterday”.

Let’s take a look at what happens when you wake up:

The second you wake up in the morning, you consciously and unconsciously gather information from your surroundings to remind you of your name, gender, nationality, age, what day of the week is, where you are (city), what you do (job), etc… You haven’t even gone to the washroom yet and you now have all this information in your brain to remind you of “who you think you are”...

Where was all this information created (like your name, nationality, job title, gender, etc.)?

All this information was created in your past, so the second you wake up and you identify yourself with your name, nationality, job title, gender, etc., you are living your life based on your past. And the most shocking thing is that you didn’t even get to choose your name, gender, nationality and age, but you so strongly identify yourself with that, and now you are living inside an illusion that this is who you think you are…

I am asking you to realize that if you are not being defined by a vision of the future (a positive-inspiring idea of yourself), all you are left with are the memories of the past.

Most people not-knowingly choose to live every NEW day, based on an OLD identity. Most people choose to pay attention to what didn’t work yesterday, instead of paying attention to the Unknown of today. Most people choose to wake up and try to fix what “broke” yesterday instead of creating a NEW today.

Please, stop saying that you are a certain way because of something that happened in your past. Stop living the memories of the past and start building the NEW you of the future. Imagine what it would feel like to already have that which you desire to be and never give any attention (your divine power) to things that didn’t workout or “hurt” in the past.


The only way you can live in the Present moment is realizing that “Monday” is not a painful day where you have to go back to work–this perception is based on a construct of your past! This Monday, is a new beautiful day that has NOT yet happened, This Monday (this moment) is all you ever have and will never come back. You get to define what Monday means to you. Stop basing how you feel on memories from the past (like “Monday sucks”) and start realizing that only you have the power to give meaning to today (like “I wonder what exciting opportunity today is going to bring?”).

When you realize that when you identify yourself with your name, gender, nationality, age, job title, etc. you are living in the past, you will feel liberated, you will feel true freedom. You will now start to understand that those are simply labels, habits, thought patterns that have not been serving you. You have been repeating these ideas over and over again, therefore you have mistakenly identified yourself to be these things (an ego)… You are so much more than that, you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

I am asking you to realize that you have the power to construct a new future as soon as you realize that you are not your past. You are the addition of the thoughts you think you are… Start to be defined by a beautiful vision of the future (a new inspiring thought):

“Live today as if you already are that which you desire to be”

- Rodrigo Diaz Mercado

There are answers out there, or should I say “in-there”. I will continue to share tools and concepts you can put into practice so you can create that change in your life. It is my purpose to help others find their way.

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