Survival Mode

Please take a deep breath, as I am going to share with you a shocking truth:

"95% of humans live 95% of their entire lives in Survival Mode; and this is most likely happening to you..."

But what is Survival Mode?

Imagine a caveman back in the prehistoric era. Imagine that one day as this caveman was walking in nature he bumped into a sabre-toothed. At that moment, our friend the caveman has one of three options, he can either (1) fight, (2) fly, or (3) freeze.

As this caveman reacts with one of the three options mentioned above the inside of his body changed biologically. His brain starts to release stress hormones because at that moment it is not time to enjoy or create life, it is time to survive. The Heart starts to send most of its blood to the arms and legs, away from the main organs, as this blood is needed to run faster and stronger.

This is what Survival Mode is. And during Survival Mode your body shuts down its natural growth and repair system and its only focus is to survive by releasing stress hormones that keep the body tense to either fight, fly or freeze.

Back in the prehistoric era, when the sabre-toothed went away or the caveman successfully ran away he could go back to what is called Creative Mode – where he can create Love, Happiness, Peace & joy. Creative Mode is the mode you and I should live in 95% of the day but we don’t. Inside your creative mode you can heal your body, you can create a new life (imagination), you can do things that inspire you, you can enjoy what life has to offer. And when you do this, your brain produces Oxytocin, Dopamine, and Serotonin (happy hormones).

I am 99% confident when I say that you might be living in survival mode 95% of your day.

You might say to me: “But Rodrigo, there are no sabre-toothed these days.”

You might be correct saying that they do not exist out there; but your sabre-toothed does exist… in your mind.

Today the sabre-toothed is called your work, social media, the news, the elections, the pandemic, traffic, the thousand things you need to do, your boss, debt, etc. And the most shocking thing here is that your sabre-toothed never goes away... While you shower, you are thinking about work; while you are cooking, you are thinking about the thousand things you need to do; while you are falling asleep, you are thinking about work the next day; while you are relaxing, you are scrolling your phone thinking of the things you don’t like about your life…

It is extremely important to learn how to go beyond this Survival Mode. The body was never designed to live in Survival Mode for more than 10-15min (to run away). You might have been living in Survival Mode now for days, months, years, decade. And it is here when the body starts to get sick, as stress hormones begin to change your inside chemistry manifesting in anger, anxiety ,resentment, depression, stress, sooner or later ending with a disease…

"98% of People, spend

98% of their time in the

98% of the things that don't matter."

- Neil Donald Walsch

All of this happened to me, and it is my commitment that this doesn’t happen to you. Since I had suffered through many of the things I mentioned above, I’ve studied how the mind works and how the mind influences the body. I’ve studied how our emotions and our thoughts can affect our lives.

This is why today I dedicate my life to helping you become your best possible Self, so you can live your best possible Life – The Life of Your Dreams!

Contact me, download my eBook, let’s get to know each other. There are ways to live beyond this Survival Mode Illusion we think life is. I want to help you create the Habits of an Abundant, Prosperous and Happy Life.

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