What kind of Universe do you live in?

According to Albert Einstein, the most important question you could ever answer is: “Do you live in a friendly (Benevolent) or a hostile (Malevolent) Universe?”

The Fascinating thing about this question, is that however you choose to respond… YOU ARE RIGHT.

If you believe you live in a hostile Universe, you will find the evidence of it. You will go out there and encounter people, circumstances and events that will reflect your belief about this hostile Universe.

On the contrary, if you believe you live in a friendly Universe, you will find the evidence to make it so.

“Man is belief expressed”

- Quimby

Your beliefs are the most powerful invisible force that rules the way you create your life. Man cannot experience anything he/she doesn’t believe in.

A belief is a thought combined with a feeling of confidence. Beliefs are created by repetition. And you probably got your beliefs in these three ways:

  1. What you were told/taught (when you were a little kid)

  2. What you observed (about life as a baby)

  3. Your first experiences with a particular subject

I want you to be aware that unless you are living a fully abundant, prosperous, healthy, happy, peaceful, loving life (all the time), you might have some beliefs that are not serving you–and are not real nor true. Beliefs can be changed, and I want you to be aware that you might have been taught what is called limiting beliefs that are currently expressing a life that you are not happy with. In order to change your life you must change your beliefs about the areas in your life that you might be manifesting lack, resistance or pain.

Here are a bunch of beliefs (friendly and/or hostile) to help you realize where your beliefs are at:

  • Mondays are tough

  • Mondays are a blessing

  • Making money is hard

  • Making money is easy

  • Life is easy

  • Life is hard

  • I am always healthy

  • I am always sick

  • Finding true love is impossible

  • Finding true love is possible

  • Losing weight is hard

  • Losing weight is easy

  • Money is the root of all evil

  • Money is good, and allows me to help myself and others

  • Etc.

Whatever you believe about yourself (your inner world), you will find the evidence in the outer world to reflect that belief. This is how powerful your subconscious mind is. Your subconsciousness (without you being aware of it), will express through you life experiences the beliefs you carry inside.

When was the last time you took a look inside at your beliefs and decided if they are working for you or against you? For example a lot of people want to lose weight, but they have a contradictory belief that losing weight is hard, or that the extra wait is who they are...

Please take a moment to ask yourself:

“Do I live in a friendly (Benevolent) or in a hostile (Malevolent) Universe?”

Whatever your answer is, you will express that in your daily life.