Rodrigo has spoken at numerous events, corporations and colleges, empowering and inspiring the audience to master their mind, so they can master their life. 


I dedicate my life to helping people improve their ability to use their minds to unlock their unlimited potential for the achievement of a joyful, purposefully-driven, and abundant life.

Throughout his career, Rodrigo has shared principles and practices from the fields of Neuroscience, Quantum Physics and Spirituality that have inspired audiences to create the action and transformation they are looking for in their lives. 

Through fascinating storytelling, Rodrigo shares simple awareness techniques and exercises, as well as deep knowledge in the areas of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. He helps the audience bridge the gap between how the mind works and how to use it to create a NEW Personal Reality. 

No matter your age, background, or level of education, you can always learn new ways to use your mind to create a more abundant, healthier, purposefully-driven, joyful life, and reconnect to expressing who you are meant to be–the real you! 

If you’ve been searching for better ways to boost your mind, enhance your emotional intelligence, so you can achieve peak performances, unlock your potential, find happiness and start living the Life of Your Dreams through improved levels of awareness, Rodrigo's talks and training are here to help you do just that.

Please, reach out and tell us how we can serve you and your audiences.

Thank you for allowing Magic into your Life:

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These are some of the topics Rodrigo has talked about. For more information to see how this content is right for you please contact us so we can best serve you and your audiences.

  • Creating Magic in Your Life

  • Master your Mind. Master Your Life!

  • Mindfulness in the Modern Day

  • The 4-Dimensions of Health

  • Living with Purpose

  • Creating a New Personal Reality

  • Living a Life full of Abundance

  • Finding Peace inside a Fast Paced Life

  • and more...


Louise Berube

Director, Allocations & Services NABS

A true guide to opening your heart and reclaiming the essence of who you really are. A beautiful message


Jarrett Robertson

C.H.S. Director, advisor experience

It is very inspiring and captivating to see Rodrigo talk about the power you and I have to create magic in our lives. It makes your childlike wonder come out and play.


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